Kíneox & Kravia, business partnership in the Nordic region

//Kíneox & Kravia, business partnership in the Nordic region

Kíneox & Kravia, business partnership in the Nordic region

Kíneox & Kravia are pleased to announce they have entered into a business partnership in the Nordic region combining Kíneox’s digital collections and payment solutions with Kravia’s regional knowledge and collections offering.

With digitalization becoming critical in all areas of business, creditors recognize they need to accelerate the deployment of digital solutions to remain competitive and offer their customers self-curing tools. The partnership Kíneox-Kravia will help Nordic creditors to automate payments, pre-collections and early collections processes in a seamless and customer friendly way.

In the words of Antonio Cortijo, CEO of Kíneox, “This partnership brings together two unique and disruptive organizations with strong synergies that will benefit both creditors and debtors. Kíneox’s proven expertise in payments and digital collections together with its innovative approach to credit risk, matches perfectly with Kravia’s footprint and growth plans in the Nordic region.”.

“We’re very pleased with this partnership with Kíneox that enables us to create even better products and services for existing and new customers and partners. We will continue to challenge the collection market with smart use of techonology”, says Kravia’s CEO Svein Ove Kvalsund.

Kíneox is a Fintech that optimizes collection processes through innovative and secure solutions that improve user experience and reinforce our customers’ reputation. Since 2012, we lead innovation in collection processes developing solutions and markets that create sustainable value for our customers, shareholders and partners. Headquartered in Madrid, Kíneox provides services to retail banks, credit and financial institutions, telecom operators, utilities, insurers and companies offering mass services across Europe and Latam.

Kravia is a Fintech collection company on a mission to make debt collection completely automated and friction free for businesses of all sizes. We take pride in contributing to a sustainable economy by applying new technologies and develop great user experiences, to recover debts owed to companies by their customers in an effective and user friendly way. Headquartered in Bergen, Kravia provide services to a broad variety of SMEs and are partnered with the most forward thinking ERPs and accounting firms in Norway.


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