Kineox R&D, at the Salamanca University Science Park

//Kineox R&D, at the Salamanca University Science Park

Kineox R&D, at the Salamanca University Science Park

Kineox’s R&D division specialising in evolving its SaaS conversational and payment solutions for digital collection and recoveryKX PaymentSuite y KX CollectionSuite – is moving to the Salamanca University Science Park.

As the university itself states, the mission of the Science Park is to “host new research and development structures that attempt to make better use of the knowledge generated in the academic and business sphere, promoting research and transformation of findings into technological and industrial innovation, as part of an open innovation ecosystem”.

This space and philosophy are entirely consistent with Kineox’s DNA, its solutions and its team: innovative research materialising in simple and agile solutions that offer companies results and improve customer experience right from the start. “Open technology designed by people for people”.

In the words of Juanjo Fernández, Managing Director of Kineox, “relocating this R&D division for Kineox to Salamanca University’s Science Park is more than a simple logistics-based move. Being part of its academic and research environment and sharing the site with other open-minded, creative companies is sure to act as a driver and stimulus for new innovative projects at Kineox”.

Kineox’s R&D area also includes an R&D laboratory in Toledo – specialising in solutions involving Big Data, business intelligence and predictive modelling based on artificial intelligence and machine learning [KX Profiler] – and the Strategic Innovation department, led by Javier Bartolomé at the headquarters in Madrid.

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