Shielding data security in IVR payments

//Shielding data security in IVR payments

Shielding data security in IVR payments

IVR Payments Security

“Certainly, IVR does provide for expediency in handling most payment scenarios and the security of not exposing live agents to customers’ personally identifiable information (PII), such as credit card, account or Social Security numbers…However, the IVR is a supplement to customer care and when the customer needs to speak with an agent, the interaction often requires a verbal exchange of sensitive information to retrieve account information. This exchange exposes the agent to customers’ PII data.”

A very interesting post by Patrick Brown for Paymentssource where is explained as emerging DTMF solutions will resolve these security challenges transforming “the way companies process customer payments and collect PII, and usher in a new era of much-improved customer confidence and security.”.

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