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The best partners to continue innovating

Kíneox has the best technological partners to keep on innovating together in developing new solutions for the digital transformation of risk and collection processes.

We have established sound, long-term relationships with our partners based on our shared DNA: the FinTech philosophy and innovation.

We bet on

Technological leadership
Sound, long-term relationships

Our certification and professional validations

Barzahlen, The Cash Payment Solutions GmbH, is a young, dynamic and innovative company from Berlin with a start-up spirit, focussing on aligning online shopping with payment in cash. Barzahlen offers an innovative, swift and highly competitive payment solution that makes it possible to buy something online and pay in cash simply and safely.

Biocryptology ®
It offers a universal identification and authentication platform that its users use to identify and authenticate themselves in any online or physical environment, through the use of Biometrics, with an app on the market and their own development hardware. This allows you to eliminate the use of passwords, and also make secure payments with enhanced authentication (SCA) in accordance with the European regulation of payment services PSD2, omnichannel sales, corporate login and identity verification.

Bizum was born from a project of innovation and collaboration of the Spanish bank with the aim of extending immediate payments, providing them with comfort, speed and security. It seeks to become the preferred mobile payment solution for users.

Electronic Identification
Electronic Identification (eID) is a Software Vendor disrupting Digital Identification and e-Signature industry. It is also an eTrust Service Provider in order to strengthen our services provision to fit most stringent regulation worldwide.

Enzyme Advising Group
Enzyme Advising Group is a professional services firm with international presence that provides consulting and technology advice to improve business performance and enhance value for clients and their stakeholders: Omni-Channel, Business Transformation & Digitalization and Business Predictive.

Fintech Payments
Fintech Payments defines itself as a technological platform to offer Fintech and online stores a space to efficiently and safely manage their digital payments. Today it offers two differentiated products in white label mode: Payments App, an application that allows the sending of macro-payments between individuals, and SaaS Payments, SaaS solution designed so that companies can access a customizable payment platform and 100% adaptable to their needs. In 2020, it will launch the Investment SaaS and the functionalities of PIS and AIS.

Google Pay ™
Kíneox was the first Spanish Payment Service Provider [PSP] approved by Google to offer its wallet in the domestic market. KX PaymentSuite, the Kíneox payment platform, offers a gateway service through Goolge Pay ™ and our experience to undertake the integration of this payment solution in other payment platforms and merchants. With Google Pay ™, any purchase can be completed easily and safely , by simply clicking the button “Buy with Google Pay” in any enabled application on sites, apps, and in stores, opening up business and improving client payment experience.

Klarna offers consumers and companies a convenient, secure payment method via online bank transfer, eTransfer, using their usual online banking details and with no need to register or have virtual accounts or e-wallets.

Mar Payments
Mar Payments is the leading online payment and fraud prevention consultancy in Spain, specialising in e-commerce payment methods, with extensive experience in Spanish and international e-commerce. It offers outsourcing services covering fraud prevention, with a structured methodology, teams specialised by country and in-depth reporting on KPIs. It also offers advice regarding payments and fraud in key areas such as optimising collections, accommodating mobile services, internationalisation and adapting to unsafe environments.

System implemented by the Portuguese company Sociedade Interbancária de Serviços S.A (SIBS) that founded the Multibanco Network in 1985, made up of all the banks that operate in Portugal with their ATMs. There are currently thousands of ATMs scattered throughout Portugal. A person who has the Multibanco system card or its application on mobile devices can use any ATM of Portuguese banks or savings banks without having to pay commissions.

PayPal allows companies or consumers with email addresses to send and receive online payments securely, conveniently and profitably. The PayPal network is based on the existing financial structure of bank accounts and credit cards to create a global payment solution in real time.

Trustly is a financial technology company which develops and sells solutions that enable online banking e-payments through online bank transfers and strives to make online payments as convenient, simple and safe as possible, both for the company and for consumers and banks.

UniversalPay, Spanish subsidiary of EVO Payments, has managed to position itself as one of the largest companies in the world in payment solutions services. Its mission is to provide a specialized service for accepting payments to merchants; from freelancers to large chains, through the neighborhood restaurant. UniversalPay is regulated by the Bank of Spain and is a member of the 4B national payment scheme and international payment systems: Visa, MasterCard and UnionPay.

Through Viacash, banks can offer their customers to withdraw and deposit money while shopping. His vision, to replace the traditional bank branch and, together with its retail partners, to become the place where everyone can satisfy their basic banking formalities, with different services such as payment of bills, coupons, transfers and recharges.

Vipps is an application that provides the user with the ability to make payments to a recipient’s phone number instead of an account number. If the recipient has a bank account with one of the Vipps owning banks, the money is confirmed and available to the recipient in seconds.

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IMSolutions cuenta con los mejores socios tecnológicos para seguir innovando juntos en el desarrollo de nuevas soluciones para la transformación digital de los procesos de riesgos y cobros.

Hemos establecido con nuestros partners relaciones sólidas y a largo plazo, basadas en un ADN común: la filosofía Fintech y la innovación.

Nuestros Partners estratégicos

Alastria es el primer consorcio multisectorial promovido por empresas e instituciones para el establecimiento de una infraestructura semipública permisionada Blockchain, que soporte servicios con eficacia legal en el ámbito español y acorde con la regulación europea. Su misión es Proveer a España de la Infraestructura Blockchain básica “Red ALASTRIA” y del estándar de Identidad Digital “ID ALASTRIA” que permita que las transacciones sobre la “Red ALASTRIA” puedan tener validez legal y, con ello, la sociedad española pueda desarrollar su propia estrategia.

Universal pay
Popular Payments ofrece las mejores soluciones para simplificar la aceptación de pagos y aumentar la fidelidad del cliente en todas las principales tarjetas de crédito y de débito, tarjetas comerciales y pagos en línea. Popular Payments es fruto de la unión entre Banco Popular y EVO Payments, uno de los más importantes adquirentes de mercado completamente integrado y procesador de pago activo en casi 50 mercados alrededor del mundo. Popular Payments es un servicio de Universalpay.

Ingenico Group
Ingenico Group, líder mundial en sistemas de pago globales, ofrece soluciones inteligentes, seguras y de confianza, enriqueciendo el comercio en todos los canales: tienda, online y pagos móviles. El objetivo de Ingenico es permitir a los bancos, a las empresas y a los proveedores de servicios optimizar sus inversiones dando soluciones de pago, reduciendo la complejidad de las mismas, generando ingresos adicionales y teniendo el control y la visibilidad completa de las transacciones de pago, desde el terminal hasta el comprador de una forma segura.

Instant Credit
Instant Credit es la primera plataforma multi-financiera paneuropea de originación de créditos en canales digitales. A través de tecnología innovadora con marcado carácter Fintech, proporciona a los compradores online financiación instantánea de sus compras en un proceso transparente, seguro, instantáneo y sin papeles. Instant Credit es el partner de negocio de entidades financieras y comercios en financiación online con el objetivo de aumentar sus ventas y rentabilidad.

Klarna ofrece a los consumidores y empresas un medio de pago cómodo y seguro mediante transferencia bancaria online, eTransfer, utilizando sus datos habituales de banca por Internet, sin necesidad de registrarse ni disponer de cuentas virtuales o monederos electrónicos.

Trustly, empresa de tecnología financiera, desarrolla y vende soluciones que facilitan los pagos bancarios digitales mediante transferencias bancarias online, esforzándose en que éstos sean tan prácticos, sencillos y seguros como sea posible, tanto para la empresa como para los consumidores y los bancos.

Barzahlen, The Cash Payment Solutions GmbH, es una joven, dinámica e innovadora compañía berlinesa con ADN start-up centrada en la convergencia de las compras online y el pago en efectivo. Berzahlen ofrece una solución de pago innovadora, ágil y altamente competitiva que permite realizar una compra en una tienda online y pagar en efectivo, de forma simple y segura.

PayPal permite a las empresas o consumidores que dispongan de correo electrónico enviar y recibir pagos en Internet de forma segura, cómoda y rentable. La red de PayPal se basa en la infraestructura financiera existente de cuentas bancarias y tarjetas de crédito para crear una solución global de pago en tiempo real.

Mar Payments
Mar Payments es la primera consultora de pagos y prevención de fraude online de España, especializada en métodos de pago en ecommerce, con una dilatada experiencia en ecommerce nacional e internacional. Ofrece outsourcing en prevención de fraude, con una metodología estructurada, equipos especializados por país y reporting exhaustivo sobre KPIs. También ofrece asesoría de pagos y fraude en áreas clave como la optimización de cobros, adaptación a Mobile, internacionalización y adaptación a entornos no seguros.

Besepa es una empresa #fintech española con la misión de simplificar las gestiones bancarias de empresas y organizaciones. Ha desarrollado soluciones tecnológicas para la realización y gestión de adeudos directos SEPA, simplificándolos y haciendo que el proceso de cobro por domiciliación electrónica sea más sencillo, transparente y menos propenso a errores.