Google Pay

Google Pay™ has been added to KX PaymentSuite offering the integration of this payment solution in other payment platforms.

Millions of people already use Google’s solutions. And with the Google Pay™ payment platform it is even easier for them to pay on websites, in Apps and in stores.

Download now the integration manual.

» It’s the fast, simple way to pay with the mobile devices they already have in their hand.
» Google Pay ™  protects payment info with multiple layers of security, using one of the world’s most advanced security infrastructures to help keep information safe.
» Quick and easy integration with your Android mobile and web checkout.
» Customers can continue paying with Google on Android.

How Google Pay ™ works on mobile


01 Paying with Google Pay™

The customer clicks the “Buy with Google Pay” button. They don’t have to enter their payment information.

02 Choose payment method

The customer selects one of the means of payment saved in their account or adds a new one.

03 Authentication

Shopper authorizes the merchant to access Google Payment API then clicks “Submit Order”.