IMSolutions is Kíneox now. A new brand is born

//IMSolutions is Kíneox now. A new brand is born

IMSolutions is Kíneox now. A new brand is born

IMSolutions has changed its name and from today it becomes Kíneox, renewing both image and brand.

IMSolutions was born in 2012 with a clear mission: transforming the collections process in its early phases. This pioneering spirit, together with our technological capacity, positioned us in a short period of time as the leading market player in automated and digital solutions to manage collections.

IMSolutions’ passion for innovation pushed us to develop complementary solutions in other stages of the credit risk cycle, and to expand its services to the SME segment, diversifying our offering and adapting it to the world of e-commerce, accelerating the process of international expansion.

Now it is time to give a new momentum to the project by renewing our image and adopting a new brand based on what makes us different and appreciated by our customers, around the concept “Solving Agility”.

An unique name, Kíneox, has been chosen, an international name that reflects the ideas of “Kinetic Innovation” and “Enhanced User Experience”. Kíneox becomes the brand that brings together a family of products and services created specifically to meet the new market challenges.

Kíneox, Agility in Credit Risk

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