Kineox: 2,000 million € in Digital Collections

/, Kíneox/Kineox: 2,000 million € in Digital Collections

Kineox: 2,000 million € in Digital Collections

Kíneox has just surpassed the figure of 2,000 million Euros processed through automated Digital Collections channels.

These collections come from more than 50 clients operating in sectors such as retail banking, consumer finance, telecom, energy and mass services, to which we provide services in Spain, Europe and Latin America.

In 2012, we believed in a pioneering idea: to transform recovery management in its early phase, through the digitalisation and automation of key processes. Recovering earlier, more and at a lower cost, and with a better customer experience, were our main challenges. At the beginning of 2021, we can say: goal achieved.

But it’s not enough. We are confident that the latest generation of KX CollectionSuite, our global automated digital collections solution, and its complementary solutions KX Bots, KX Profiler, KX Agencies and KX Advisory, as well as our innovative effort in new capabilities such as KYC, Biometric SCA and Machine Learning will help our clients to continue growing.

And our responsibility and enthusiasm for this new challenge is greater with each new client that joins the project and each new country where we open operations.

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