KX Bots

Conversational solutions which improve customer experience

ChatBot: advises and guides customers through the self-curing process

A solution which enables a dynamic and interactive conversation with customers to answer their queries and guide them through the self-curing process, in a way that is fully integrated with KX CollectionSuite, our digital collection platform. Customers interact with a chatbot in a secure environment in which the conversations and their personal data are completely protected.

By applying technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, our chatbot is able to “self-learn” and offer customers increasingly personalized and efficient solutions that improve their customer experience and collection rates.


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KINEOX SOLUTIONS S.L. within the framework of the ICEX Next Program, it has had the support of ICEX and co-financing from the European FEDER fund. Purpose of this support is to contribute to the international development of the company and its environment.

And with added value.

› Branch location.

› FAQ.

› Access instructions.

› Multi-language.

› Questions-answers by text.

› Presentation of complex elements (Cards).

› Buttons.

Positive impact on business KPIs.

› It improves CX: better NPS, increased loyalty.

› It cuts contact center costs.

› It increases effectiveness: more collections.

› It increases efficiency: lower-cost collections.

It is different.

› 100% specialized in collections.

› Self-learning with the focus on collection.

› Direct integration with KX CollectionSuite, our digital collection platform.

Why use a chatbot in digital collections?

› “Digital customers” expect a chatbot.

› It represents an ideal travelling companion during the customer journey for self-managed-payment.

› It allows customers to access KX CollectionSuite through digital environments they use in their daily lives that they are accustomed to and see as trustworthy.

› It provides them with a conversational platform where they can answer any questions on their own and is efficient, secure and interactive.